Candles come in different shapes and sizes and what better way to enjoy their beauty than adding textures and designs to them.


My vision is to introduce candles with an artistic touch through engraved designs while keeping up with the trends so that the candles blend in seamlessly with your styling.


Each candle displays intricate craftsmanship with an aesthetic approach taking in consideration the atmosphere that our clients would like to create for their guests.


Whatever design you choose, the candles will  add an element of difference, uniqueness and style to any occasion, from weddings and christenings to birthdays and home or just to give to someone special. 

I work with different sizes, shapes and designs in rustic or glamorous looks.


Engraved Collection





The engraved collection is handcrafted to complement various types of settings. This range is designed to carry messages to share with your guests and loved ones.

Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, color combinations and fonts.






The Signature collection does not have any engravings; it focuses only on the shapes of the candles. They are sophisticated, minimalist and glamorous with unsurpassed glass shine.

Available in the following colors:

Gold | Silver | Rose Gold | Blush |Black | Black/Gold

Signature  C ollection