Engraved Collection


The engraved collection is handcrafted to complement various types of settings. This range is designed to  carry messages and monograms to share with your guests and loved ones.

The engraving can be your initials, your names or just to say thank you or welcome to your guests...and let the candle charm your guests.

Shimmer  C ollection


This collection does not have any engravings; it focuses only on the shapes of the candles. They are sophisticated, minimalist and glamorous with unsurpassed glass shine.

Available in the following colors:

Gold | Silver | Rose Gold | Blush |Black | Black/Gold

How to order


Please email us with your inquiry or give us a call. Since the candles are custom made, discussing the details of the design is best when it's done in person. You are welcome to come over to the studio located in Sydney with your partner or friend to view the candles in person.


We will try to get ideas about your event in terms of theme, styling and any other aspects which will help us create a candle that will complement and enhance the look and feel of the event. 

When ordering, please allow 4 weeks for the candle to be made before your event's date.

For a small cost, the candles can be refilled.