Since all the candles are custom made a price list is not available on the website.

The following prices are only a guide line.

Once we have an idea of which design you are after, we can then provide you the exact cost.

3.5 kg wavy
3.5kg wavy
6kg wavy
Emblem - From $250
Wedding monogram
10 kg | 3 wick candle.
3 wick candle
Can be used as unity candle.
5 wicks rectangular
8k | 1m high pillar candle.
Set of 20/30 cm pillar unity candles
from $150
Shimmer collection.
Round 3kg
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The candles are not restricted to the designs shown in this gallery. We would love to work with your own design idea, when applicable, to create your ideal candle.

3.5 kg wavy